About Us

I became interested in herbal healing in 1985 when my mother was diagnosed with a stomach tumor.  Allergic to most medicines as well as anesthesia, she decided to try a holistic approach.  Through a combination of herbal and aromatherapeutic therapies, rigorous diet including juicing and fasting, supplements, chiropractic and prayer, the tumor left her body in 6 weeks. 

Six months later I discovered a lump in my breast, fortunately diagnosed as benign, and decided to give the holistic route a try.  Three months later, the doctor could find no sign of the lump.

I love herbs. One of my favorite walks is along the Hudson River, greeting and identifying the herbs (weeds) growing there: dandelion, hawthorne, cleavers, plaintain and others.  God's gifts in abundance for free, humble yet healing effectiveness that I have witnessed in my life, the lives of my family, friends and folks near and far. And I love sharing the knowledge and formulas of the ancestors, my mother, and you, my sisters and brothers in herbal healing,

My very best to you and may God’s Light shine upon you always.

With love, from Harlem to you.