Are Natural Dryer Sheets Better?

We add dryer sheets to our clothes in the dryer to decrease static electricity, to make our clothes feel softer, have less wrinkles and to give them a nice fresh smell. But did you know that most commercial dryer sheets are full of chemicals that can cause skin irritation or allergic dermatitis(see below for full details)?

Thankfully there are natural alternatives that are free of toxic chemicals and eco-friendly. Lavender is one such alternative. Lavender is calming and soothing, and in the dryer, a lavender dryer sachet decreases cling, leaves your clothes feeling soft and delivers a sweet gentle non-toxic scent.

We’re happy to offer our new Certified Organic Lavender Dryer Bag for this holiday season. Attractively packaged, this is the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift - or a gift to yourself for healthy living! Each drawstring jute bag contains 3 certified organic lavender oversized sachets (4”x5”). Each sachet can be used up to 10 times. And when the sachet is spent, you can use it as a carpet freshener - open it up, sprinkle the lavender buds on your rug and vacuum them up for a clean fresh smell. Make the eco-friendly switch today!


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Acetaldehyde and butane may cause respiratory irritation. Asthma can be triggered by quats, a fabric softener chemical which is part of a family of chemicals called quaternary ammonium compounds. Acetone can cause nervous system effects like headaches or dizziness. Other nervous system disorders that could result from these chemicals include irritability, confusion, loss of coordination and memory loss.

Here are some ways to use those commercial dryer sheets once you make the switch:
- Rub them across clean mini-blinds to reduce dust build-up.
- Lightly wipe one over a TV screen or computer monitor to eliminate static cling.
- Clean soap scum off shower doors.
- Remove pet hair from garments and furniture.
- Insert a dryer sheet in each shoe at night to help eliminate odors.
- Put a sheet under the seats in a car to act as an air freshener.
- When pre-soaking dirty pans, stick a dryer sheet in the pan and add water and allow it to soak overnight. The lubricants will help release clingy food particles.